OTC Platform

A compelling, adaptive end-to-end front office trading technology solutions for banks & brokers around the globe, designed to optimise trading and client engagement.

OTC Trading Platform

How it works

The algorithmic trading is rapidly gaining popularity among individual and institutional investorsand is highly appreciated by the cryptocurrency exchanges. A lightfast, low-latency executionand a automatic real-time order processing create a liquid trading environment and make ourtrading solutions unique.


  • Control the exchange liquidity and how it’s provided

  • Provide consistent tight spreads

  • Increase the market depth on order books

  • Use liquidity from other exchanges

  • Kickstart new exchanges and low-liquid markets to attract organic volume

Full integration

We integrated the best LPs from different time zones around the world to provide best in class services and a wide veriaty of cyptocurrencies.

Full control, high liquidity, maximum use of the market potential

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